How to Choose the Right Stem Cell Clinic

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The phrase “stem cell therapy” is being used for about any kind of biological injection, regardless of whether or not the injection includes live stem cells. Today, there’s a continuous stream of marketing for stem cell therapies for almost all medical issues imaginable. These marketing often endorse the use of biologics to treat a lot of systemic medical issues such as COPD, Parkinson’s disease, and MS despite small proof to support their use.  


Here is how you can choose the right stem cell center Dallas: 

Maximize Your Return on the Cost 

When making the choice on the right regenerative stem cell procedure, it’s crucial to not just compare the cost of a stem cell therapy. When looking at ortho-biologic options, you need to be selective. You’ve got to ensure you’re getting a cell therapy with a high amount of live autologous stem cells.  

Furthermore, you’ve got to ensure the process is being done by a professional injection expert and that they’re utilizing image guidance to ensure that the cells are injected at the particular aimed area. You should provide yourself the best chance of getting the desired outcome if you’re going to spend a lot of cash to undergo stem cell therapy. 

Clear Expectation and Patient Success Stories 

The ideal stem cell clinics will have patients who can share the successfulness of the therapy. You should look out for solid claims from clinics assuring a cure-all for all state of illnesses. A lot of trusted patient reviews are available on online public channels. In these channels, you can see reviews for the treatments that are done, such as back pain treatments, soft tissue treatments, and joints treatment.  

Soft Tissue and Cartilage Regeneration 

Most of these clinics use biologic products that fall into 2 categories of birth material. These are amniotic tissue and cord blood. In their injectable form, neither of these materials includes live adult stem cells. No considerable stem colonies have been found when these injectable have been examined in the laboratory by developing the injection material out in-culture. While these biologics might include growth factors that can be advantageous for the growth of stem cells, they almost contain no live stem cells.  

Common Issues with Stem Cell Injections and Stem Cell Clinics 

In evidence-based studies, one of the common medical applications where stem cell therapies have shown significant improvement is orthopedic injury treatment. Excellent results are much more possible as long as a precise image-guided cell therapy is done using the own cell of the patient (autologous cellular source). Unspecialized clinics advertising stem cell therapies have appeared across the country over a couple of years.  

A lot of these centers aren’t operated or owned by a physician. Oftentimes, the therapies aren’t done by physicians. A lot of these centers are owned by regular individuals and the injections are done by people who aren’t trained in the spine or joint therapies. Most of these injections are done without using image guidance. Thus, it cannot make sure you get the right placement of the stem cells 

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