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2020 Trending Haircuts for Men

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The hairstyles and haircuts for men can be simply as fashionable as women. The hairstyles of men have always changed with the times. Every year offers new innovative styles, cuts, and more for the world of men’s hair.  

It can be a bit hard to choose from these different hair trends for men. However, you can turn it around right away if you know which ones to follow.  

Before you visit your favorite barbers in Brisbane, here are a couple of things you know about men’s hairstyles in 2020. 

Ivy League 

This hairstyle has been popular for a lot of years now. Of course, there’s a reason for that. It has a lot of various styles. This includes the old crew cut that’s perhaps the most well-known version of this hairstyle.  

The current Ivy League hairstyle involves a longer top that you can combine with sleek and side-parted styles. This type of hairstyle works on a lot of occasions. It does not matter if you are a DJ or a businessman.  

Tight and High 

Among men, short hairstyles are extremely common since they’re the ideal method to accentuate and emphasize the masculinity of a man. Tight and high is an old-school military haircut. However, it is still one of the most common hairstyle trends for an extremely long period.  

It is suggested that you apply a textured top on sides that are shaved cleanly if you want to achieve a striking and neat effect.  

Fade Haircuts for Men 

Fade haircuts for men have been acknowledged greatly to be the ideal choice for haircuts for short men. If you believe that one of these great haircuts may be the ideal solution for you, here are a couple of various kinds of fades you should consider: 

  • Mid Fade 

The mid fade is a great choice if you are somewhere in the middle between being a man that is a little conservative and someone who loves the spotlight as well. Mid fade offers you the best from both low and high fade. It offers a great finish while emphasizing your haircut.  

  • Low Fade 

Low fade goes extremely well for men who are searching for a cut that is more conservative. It is reserved for men who do not want attention but still want to look neat and stylish.  

Low fade makes the transition not so obvious. Thus, it goes quite well with men who want to keep their fashion to themselves.  

  • High Fade 

If you are a man who likes to be unique and wants to stand out in the crowd, the ideal suggestion will be to go with a high fade hairstyle. It is the ideal style for men who like the combination of very short and short hair.  

Buzz Cut 

This type of hairstyle has been one of the most common hairstyles for men. While it is pretty simple, it is one of the most versatile hairstyles out there.  

Because of its simplicity, this haircut is considered timeless, special, and is appropriate for any situation.  

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Study Finds Potential for CBD Coronavirus Treatment

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We all know how the COVID has impacted every person all around the globe. Whether you are diagnosed or not, our lives have been altered. Some businesses have shut down, people are forced to stay in their homes, and tens of millions are now unemployed. The virus has also forced some medical professionals to risk their lives and continue on working amid the growing number of infections. The drugs that were used for the same kinds of viruses didn’t work out, and now as this infectious disease has been continuing wreaking havoc in our lives, everyone is looking for the antidote. Could it be that the dispensary Grand Rapids and the cannabis that we think detrimental to our health is the answer?

CBD as the Coronavirus Treatment?

This claim is rooted in the study conducted and released online by the journal Preprints which shows that a certain high-CBD cannabis Sativa extract can play a major role in minimizing the damage that COVID-19 can incur to an individual. This is due to its ability to modulate the expression of the ACE2 receptors in the lungs, kidneys, oral and nasal mucosa, testes, and gastrointestinal tract.

They identified the 23 high CBD extracts that can modulate this ACE2 expression and protein levels. And although this claim still needs to be proven by many researches for more validation, still, the study shows a promising discovery. It will be crucial knowledge for the effects of cannabis for the COVID-19 viruses and the viruses related to COVID.

Potential Reward and Very Low Risk

What is noteworthy about cannabis and using the drug is it has a high potential reward and a very low risk when it comes to treating patients with COVID-19. This is a good start for further experimentation on the preventative properties and/or healing effects of cannabis extracts against coronavirus. No one has ever died from an overdose of cannabis. In fact, cannabis is known to have a healing power because of its anti-inflammatory properties that are said to be effective in treating illnesses and diseases other than COVID 19.

And again, although there is still a limited amount of studies that show a positive correlation between cannabis use and prevention and treatment of COVID-19 infection, it still encourages other researchers to provide and conduct a study regarding the matter. The knowledge that the cannabis extracts and its properties are able to inhibit expression of the ACE2 receptor which the viruses bind to is already a positive sign that there are several ways to beat the coronavirus.

Although it is true that the medical experts are trying their best to find ways to cure the infection, still, there is no working antidote for the new corona. But the good news is everyone is trying to find a cure.

If you happen to feel distressed because of the virus, remember that everything will work out fine. We just need to put some faith and support our medical experts as well as the researcher in discovering cures and treatment procedures.

While everyone thinks that one research is not enough, we need to be more receptive to information. Although it needs more evidence, it is not wrong to put some little faith in CBD for COVID treatment.

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