Cleaning Tips for Hoarders

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Though extreme hoarders might be rare, every single one of us probably knows someone who tends to keep things that almost every individual will throw away without any doubt. Having all that extra items lying around can make it more difficult to clean.

If you don’t want to hire a professional house cleaning Marysville service, here are a couple of tips to keep your home uncluttered and clean:

Maintaining a Clean Cluttered Home

It is vital to first keep your home clean, even though it is cluttered. Cleaning, vacuuming and dusting the bathroom and kitchen surfaces help prevent mold, germs, and allergens from getting out of hand. Even when there is a lot of stuff to work around, you have to prioritize these chores.

Picking up every single clutter in your way and placing them in a box is the simplest technique. These free up the countertops, furniture, and floor for a comprehensive cleaning. This is obviously a temporary fix. Keep in mind that this is not a permanent solution. It will simply get messy again if you fail to tackle the issue at the source.

Helping a Hoarder

For those who don’t know, around 5% of individuals display clinical hoarding behavior. This can have legal, social, financial, physical, and emotional ramifications that are harmful. Of course, hoarding is not that common. However, a lot of individuals have hoarding tendencies that can influence their life negatively.

If you are worried about someone who has a hard time throwing away things, even if they don’t use it anymore, here are a couple of tips that can help them improve their safety and health of their cluttered house.

  • Get Them Professional Help

A lot of various choices are available for treating disorders, such as hoarding. The International OCD Foundation has a couple of vital resources that can help your friend or family member get the therapy they require.

  • Help Sort

You can volunteer to help your family or friend go through their items to start the de-cluttering process. However, you shouldn’t do it for them. If you and the individual you care about feeling overwhelmed by the job, think about hiring a professional cleanup company. However, you should not take any steps to interfere until your friend or family member is ready for help.

  • Praise Them

You cannot reverse many years of hoarding in a single day. That is why you have to praise small progress if you want to make your loved one feel inspired to keep doing it. Provide praise any time they get rid of any item or when they stop purchasing new items.

  • Do Not Promote the Behavior

You may not be able to force one person to stop hoarding. However, you’ve got to ensure you shouldn’t allow it as well. For example, if your friend collects items compulsively, you should not invite them to go shopping. You should not offer to store hoarded items for your friend. Also, you should not enable their items to overtake the house if the hoarder lives with you.

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